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IF +DTT/DAB LNB c/w ODU32 Optical Combiner
(1.5m N Connector HF Lead c/w PSU - DC via
'F' Connection), Optical output 1310um.

The Fibre system is designed to run alongside a voice and data optical network,either on its own dedicated fibre, or as an RF overlay. The system is designed to distribute DAB, DTT and the complete Satellite content from a single Headend to large number of dwellings.

The Headend is comprised of modules that receive and combine terrestrial and satellite signals to an optical output. The optical signal is then  split, amplified, then split further to feed multiple Passive Optical Networks (PONs) or ‘Point to Point’ connections.

Each home has it’s own Fibre-IRS optical to legacy converter, which outputs all of the inputs in their conventional format and at the original frequencies (DTT, DAB plus 4 Universal LNB O/Ps).

The Fibre-IRS Gateway Termination Unit (GTU) is designed to convert the optically received Fibre IRS signals (either via a dedicated Fibre or RF Overlay) to legacy format, e.g. with all inputs (DTT, DAB plus 4 quadrants of a universal LNB) being converted to their conventional format and at their original frequencies.

At the Head End, the F-IRSODU32 combines the signal from a Wholeband LNB (included with ODU32 Kit) with a DTT/DAB signal. The, now optical, digital IRS signal is output via 2 low power lasers contained within the ODU32.

Each of the 2 Optical outputs can be split, using GI Optical Splitters, to feed up to 32 FibreIRSGTU (Gateway Termination Units) Quads or Quartos.

  • Complete ‘end to end’ solution enabling unlimited tuners/STBs to be used within each connected home
  • Scalable, from 10’s to 10,000’s of homes
  • 'Plug & Play' Technology
  • Download Spec Sheet