Connector Cleaning Sticks

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Price per 50 pack

For cleaning Fibre Optic Connector End-Faces within
Alignment Sleeves, 2.5mm & 1.25mm

  • Moulded Fibrous Tip Is Cleaner, More Absorbent
  • Tip Conforms to End-face Geometry, Including APC
  • Over-sized Handle Keeps Tip Clean Until Used
  • Clean Any Connector, Any Configuration, Any Where, Every Time

Unlike cloth or foam swabs, these sticks are based on a fiberous polymer tip which is molded, not hand-wound. Molding provides a consistency impossible with other manufacturing processes, and ensures a optimal, slightly loose fit within the alignment sleeve. This enables the tip to spin off-center and improves the cleaning quality - even on the smallest end-faces (blue arrow, left).

During use, the tip's fibres spread open to trap and hold particulate (red arrow). The tip flexes to fit connector end-faces, including angled polished connectors, so no extra tools or processes are required to clean those configurations. This lift-and-grab action is enhanced by the capillary action of the fibres in the tip, so the fibers wick up oils and solvents quickly.

These sticks are the only products in the industry designed as a system to work with a nonflammable solvent such as MicroCare's Fiber Connector Cleaner II. The interaction of the solvent and the stick significantly improves cleaning results. The "Drop-n-Stop™" crimps on the sticks keep them from rolling off uneven surfaces. Packaged in convenient, colour-coded travel kits, there is a stick for every popular connector, both commercial and military configurations.