FibreAide Lint-free fibre cleaning wipes.

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Packed in bags of 50

FiberAide wipes are designed for two critical cleaning applications: (a) the one-time cleaning required during the installation of fiber optic cables, accessories or components, or (b) the installation, maintenance and repair of fiber networks in harsh environments.

Each lint-free wipe is in a hermeticallysealed, contamination-proof packet that is opened just before use, so cleaning is fast, efficient and cost-effective. This product is simple, reliable and easy to use, even for infrequent users.

Engineered specifically for cleaning fiber optic connector end-faces, each FiberAide wipe is made from MicroCare's field-proven lint-free fabric that resists linting and tearing, even on LC connector end-faces. The wipe itself contains no cellulose, glues or bleaches which might contaminate surfaces. The foil package protects user's hands from any solvents, eliminating the need for gloves or finger cots. Each wipe can clean up to six connector end-faces.

Each package has a convenient "button-hole" so the wipes can be attached directly to cables, accessories or equipment. This enables OEM to ship these wipes with their components, thereby insuring only clean connecters will be inserted into their equipment. This improves customer satisfaction and decreases costly returns.

This product may be used with the Fiber Preparation Fluid (MCC-FPF) or Fiber Connector Cleaner (MCCFCC2) as nonflammable replacements for alcohol. Using the FiberAide dampened with either of these solvents provides convenient "wet & dry" connector cleaning which reduces the risk of static charges building-up on the connector end-faces.