With the majority of UK homes now having digital TV, your guests expect the kind of choice they get in their own front room, when they stay in a hotel.

Not having digital TV also means more and more customer complaints for you to deal with about poor signal and snowy pictures.

With the government also announcing that the old analogue way of watching TV will be turned off over the next few years - it really is time to go digital.

Up until now though, installing multi-channel television has been an expensive business, with long-term contracts and never ending payments.

But with a SVS systems you can own your fully digital TV system out-right, giving your guests the choice they demand and putting an end to the headache of poor pictures and constant complaints – all at an affordable price.


A new product has just come on to the market which will convert Digital TV signals back to UHF Analogue, no need to change your TV's or VCR for Digital Switchover. see the New Products in the On-Line-Shop for details.