A System to suit you


An Integrated Reception System or IRS offers the ultimate in digital TV choice.

By collecting the broadcast signals from both terrestrial and satellite transmitters, as well as Radio signals from the new Digital Audio Broadcasts (DAB), it leaves those who purchase the dwellings you build free to choose exactly how they receive their digital entertainment.

All of these signals are then distributed to a 3 socket wall outlet plate in the main rooms – leaving the entire home digital ready.


The cables are screened from electrical interference so the system can deliver all available TV channels to the resident, including both analogue, digital terrestrial, digital satellite, including the sought after SKY + service.

The IRS solution means that the builder does not have to favour any one particular supplier of TV programming, leaving the choice to the customer and the property fully ready for digital switchover.


Master Antenna Television or M.A.T.V systems differ from IRS by only offering Freeview and DAB radio. For those projects where giving residents the choice of satellite TV is not an issue, this can result in a cost saving for the developer.


Satellite Master Antenna Television or S.M.A.T.V systems are often used in environments where the number and type of channels available needs to be controlled, ie care homes, prisons, hospitals and hotels.


Because we have such a long pedigree in the Digital TV business we get the best equipment at the lowest prices - meaning we can pass that saving directly onto you.

We will fit in with your budget.