We offer our customers 3 main routes to get on-line with Tooway.

Firstly we offer a 'Contract Rental' scheme where you just rent the Tooway kit from us, and give us back the modem and the TRIA (the little block of electronics on the end of the dish arm) at the end of your rental period. Don't worry, we'll send you a FREE courier bag to send them back to us in. This gives you a lower set-up cost at the beginning, but is subject to a minimum 24 month contract.

If you want to avoid the set-up and the connection fee you can opt for "FREE Set-up Contract Rental". With this option you pay a slightly higher monthly charge for your Tooway kit and service, but it keeps the costs to an absolute minimum when you first go online. This still subject to a minimum 24 month contract.

(If you go for either ‘Contract Rental option, and you wish to cancel your contract at any time (for instance if you suddenly get offered fast broadband over wires at your location) if you return your complete Tooway equipment to us (at your cost) in full working order, providing your account is up to date, we’ll release you from the minimum 24 month contract. This means you don’t have to worry about being tied to the 24 month contract if fibre suddenly arrives in your area!

Thirdly, we offer an 'Outright Purchase' scheme where you pay a bit more up front for the Tooway kit, but you get a no-hassle, monthly rolling contract (30 days notice, no long term commitment) on the satellite airtime. You also get cheaper satellite airtime than the 'Contract Rental' schemes.

You can look at all three options by toggling 'Contract Rental', ‘FREE Set-up Contract Rental or 'Buy' at the top of the product table.

Unfortunately we don't offer the Contract Rental scheme on our Tooway Pro products.

Alongside these services we can also offer installations site WiFi and VoIP Internet phones allowing you to have any STD phone code you require or even keep your existing number. With a VoIP phone call charges are a fraction of what BT charge and there's no line rental to pay.

low start-up costs

Alternative Broadband Grants, Hampshire Broadband programme.

Faster broadband - getting hampshire connected.

 You could get a grant of up to £300. registration on line now.

 Link to:- Grants Programme is Hampshire.

 The Broadband solutions provided by Satsearch comply with the grant conditions and as such you could be eligible to go via Satsearch for fast broadband. Call now for a written quote.