fusion media server
Media Server

Experience  & enjoy your media like never before... 

Movies - Music - Photos

Fusion media systems offer new ways to view and listen to all your digital media. Fusion products have been placed in commercial and residential environments including hotels, yachts, homes and businesses.

Fusion Systems allow movies, music and photos to be enjoyed from multiple locations across a network. For example you could watch the same movie at different times in a dozen locations or a dozen different movies a single location.


Multiple Locations

Archive all you digital media and have access to everything throughout your home. Watch movies from multiple locations without restrictions or limitations. Control your content so that children or guests only have access to the material you want.

Fusion now offers sharing across multiple residences through our new HomeSync technology. Movies loaded at one home automatically transfer to the other, as well as in reverse so your collection stays perfect wherever you go.



Ultimate HD Movie Quality

Play 1080p HD DVD and Blu-ray “HD Movies" via single click Movie cover art!

Simple and Pleasurable

Eliminates the frustration and time spent organizing and searching for that favorite movie, song or photo album.

Instant Playback in Any Room

With the click of a button instantly enjoy any show from any room, anytime.

Added Protection

Safeguards your DVD and CD discs from being damaged or lost. The Parental Ratings feature protects children from unsuitable movies.

Entertainment made Simple and Fun!


Easy To Use

Simply load your entire collection of DVD movies, CD music, downloaded MP3 and iPOD music, photographs and recorded TV shows on to the Server and your ready to go.

Does All Of The Work For You

Automatically retrieves and organizes your media with cover art, genre, synopsis, actors and other information about the DVD movie or CD album.

Play Anything, Anywhere, Anytime

Pick songs on the fly and play them in one room or all rooms for a party. Start a movie in one room and resume it in another. Share a photo-music slide show with friends.