Digital TV made Simple
Add real value to your properties with the following range of Satsearch services.  Satsearch sales team can guarantee that you maximise your full sales potential with the appropriate marketing and sales support with any of our supporting hardware options.
  • Sound around the home
  • Watch the DVD or satellite on any TV!
  • Enhance the home office with access to internet at any telephone point
  • Network computers using the Local Area Networking capability
  • Home Cinema Systems
  • Access up to four lines at each telephone point
  • CCTV and home security
  • Simple or sophisticated lighting controls for single rooms or the whole house
  • Gate and door video entry systems
  • Integrated user control systems

Digital TV made simple for managing agents and landlords

Satsearch are specialists in upgrading and installing communal aerial systems.

We offer tailored digital solutions for managing agents controlling 1000's of properties, to landlords in control of a handful of dwellings.

Whatever your requirements we guarantee to offer a unique blend of technical excellence and first rate customer service that makes the digital switchover simple and inexpensive for you and your residents.

By drawing on our experience of working with housing organisations of all sizes across the entire UK, we've developed a package and level of service that offers the best possible value to our clients.

We aim to offer a unique blend of technical excellence and first rate customer service that ensures we can deliver a tailored digital solution via a communal aerial system that is guaranteed to suit you and your residents.

Our public and employers liability far exceed the minimum standards required and for each and every job we do comprehensive method statements and risk assessments are produced.

Throughout the short installation process itself you will be constantly updated on progress and kept abreast of all developments every step of the way.


The underlying philosophy can best be described as 'everything to everyone'.

With the full range of services delivered to their home, residents are free to choose which ever services best meet their requirements.

An IRS can be installed in any building from the smallest to the largest, both existing and new build and even across a housing estate.

What is an Integrated Reception System?
An Integrated Reception System (IRS) is a communal aerial system designed to carry digital signals and capable

of providing residents with broadcast services from terrestrial and satellite sources .

Terrestrial broadcasts occupy frequency ranges that cover just over 400 Megahertz of bandwidth.

Most communal aerial systems have been designed to receive and distribute signals within that bandwidth.

By comparison, satellite signals occupy more than 4,000 Megahertz of bandwidth.
Communal aerial systems designed to older specifications are not able to distribute signals a cross that much wider bandwidth.

Only an IRS has sufficient bandwidth to receive and distribute the full range of services.

A look at communal aerial design will help to illustrate why changes are required for the digital age.

Why is an IRS required? Only an IRS is able to deliver the choice that consumers demand.

Digital TV aerial reception feeding multiple flats or dwellings from one aerial.
IRS networks allowing terrestrial aerial and satellite reception in multiple flats or dwellings from one dish and aerial.

One aerial and dish per building reducing aesthetic and physical damage to buildings caused by multiple aerial and dish installations and cable runs.
Reduces risk of disputes from tenants over aerial and dish locations.
No problems with local authorities over planning consent issues caused by multiple installations