Systemline Modular

There's nothing quite like experiencing hi-fi music and movies all around the home.

Systeline Modular is an "invisible" integrated entertainment system which adds a real "wow" factor to any home.

The System is wired back to a compact hub which is installed in a hidden enclosure along side other home services e.g. electrics.


Plug your TV into the wall socket and watch high quality video throughout your home - including DVD, satellite and even CCTV.

Just plug your hi-if or home theatre system into the wall socket and listen to high quality sound - in any room in you hone.

Unique in-ceiling amplified speakers deliver outstanding high fidelity sound without intruding into your living space.

As simple as one touch of the discreet keypad or.. one of the most elegant and straight forward handsets that you will ever use.

  •  Standard wiring uses standard CAT5 UTP
  • Cabling to EIA/TIA 568B Standard
  • Frist class hi-if sound reproduction and high noise immunity.
  • Class D amplifiers ensure no compromise on sound quality
  • Energy efficient design
  • Unique quasi-digital transfer technique provides 85% power transmission efficiency without wasteful heat dissipation.
  • Sophisticated interconnectivity of Modular components.
  • Ease of installation, fail-safe protection, and rugged reliability.
  • Systemline Modular can be controlled by an infra-red handset or wall-mounted keypad. Options include built-in infra-red receivers, and keypads. The system provides an infra-red relay, allowing third-party hi-fi equipment to be controlled from any zone or sub-zone using the manufacturer's original remote control.

 Click here to see Systemline video demo