Micos Fibre Containment

Oct 2019, Due to increase in European shipping cost from our supplier Micos Telecom (by as much as 100% on some items) we are sorry but we will have to pass this on in to the cost of some items, this will be applied as we order new stock.


Micos ORM 1 Wall-mounted Optical Distribution Box

Micos ORM 2 ( BB2 )Wall Mounted Optical Distribution Box

The ORM 2 is designed for the termination of 2 to 4 optical fibres in a customer terminal point or for interconnection of optical cables. It can be connected to a  PC, different peripheral equipment or to another equipment via optical patchcords. The distributor is designed for indoor wall mounting. Inputs and outputs can vary by used panels.

  • Capacity 4 optical connectors 
  • Connector holder SC simplex, SC duplex, ST, FC, E2000, LC 
  • Maximum capacity is 6 optical splices 
  • Direct fibre termination by a connector 
  • Easy assembly 
  • Wall-mounted 
  • Coverage degree IP 20 
  • Use for fibres G.652d, G.657


  • Inputs Micro duct ø 5 mm Micro duct ø 3 mm Optical cable maximum ø 5 mm
  • Outputs Adapters SC simplex, SC duplex, ST, FC, E2000, LC
  • Coverage degree IP 20 to EN 60529
  • Impact protection degree IK 04 to EN 50102
  • Colour Light grey RAL 7035
  • Material ABS
  • Dimensions 140 × 109 × 23 mm
  • Weight 0.1 kg


The Fibre-Optic Terminal Point - FTP is designed for protecting and accommodating internal fibre optic splices in homes, offices or apartments. The FTP is designed for indoor wall mounting and its easily installed on walls without the use of special tools.


  • Capacity of 2 adapters for subscriber output and 5 drop wire inputs 
  • Capacity of 2 splices in tray (by mechanical or fusion) 
  • Designed for pre-connectorized system to store fibre jumper 
  • Fibre inputs ports through the back of the base 
  • Can be easily installed on any flat vertical wall 
  • The tray design allows for perfect routing and control of fibres 
  • Use for fibres G.652d, G.657


  • Inputs 3× max. 5 mm
  • Outputs 2× SC or LCD adapters
  • Colour White
  • Material ABS
  • Dimensions 108 × 80 × 28 mm
  • Weight 0.09 kg

ORM 3 SL 12S

ORM 3 SL is an outdoor box designed for facades. The in-line solution permits the passage of an outdoor riser cable that runs along the façade. The necessary fibres are pulled out of the cable, as is the case with conventional riser cables inside the building. For drop cables there is a separate bushing for up to 11 cable entries. The box contains fibre management and a splice tray for 12 splices. Possibility to place PLC splitter

  • In-line solution for outdoor riser cable 10-13mm
  • Express port 2x 7-9mm and 9x 2-5mm
  • Coverage degree IP54 to EN 60529
  • Impact protection degree IK10 to EN 50102
  • Dimensions 136 x 136x 46

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Micos ORM 3 4/L Splice/Connector Box

Micos ORM 5 Lockable IP Wall Box

Micos ORM 8 Fibre Connection Box

Micos URM SL 12 CM Lockable Wall Box

Micos URM LH 24 CM Lockable Wall Box

URM LH 96S Wall Mounted Dist Box