Music Distributing
From distributing a simple hi-fi system to a number of chosen rooms through to a sophisticated entertainment system with touch screen control and 5.1 surround sound, Satsearch can provide a solution. Multi-room audio represents a built-in system within the fabric of the home which allows the whole family the freedom to enjoy home entertainment independently in any number of chosen rooms. We can offer true hi-fi performance with easy to use remote controls and keypads which can be used by every family member.

Features and Benefits:

  • A power efficient system that can run 6 rooms using less power than a 100 watt light bulb
  • Music and Movies in up to eight rooms
  • Discreet mono, stereo or full 5.1 surround can be chosen in any room
  • Just simply plug in your hi-fi, MP3, CD player, DAB radio and listen anywhere
  • System can be configured to operate with your favourite floor standing speakers

Manufactured by leading designers/manufacturers of high-end multi-room entertainment systems, every solution can be installed in a very discreet and space efficient way with no need for big unsightly black boxes or racks.

Click here to see Systemline video demo

Everybody likes to listen to music, so imagine being able to listen to your favourite CD in any room of your home, (even the garden) without having to take the disc from player to player, or even watch your favourite DVD while relaxing in the bath.

With a Multi Room system installed by us you can, we will meet with you to discuss your every needs, also advise you on the system to suit you and install it with the minimum of disruption, once the installation is complete we will give you a full demonstration.