Fibre Patch Boxes


10" SOHO Fibre Patch Panels

SOHO 6 duplex port SC or 6 quad LC port 10 inch panel

Panel consists of a sliding tray with provision for six SC duplex couplers or six quad LC couplers. Simply decide type of connector required and purchase the number of connectors to suit, the unused slots can be filled with a blank.

Micos SOP 36VS Distribution Box

Optical box SOP 36 VS is designed for distribution of optical network in buildings by usage of optical cables or microduct system, for protection of optical connections and for interconnection of optical cables. It is wall-mounting in indoor climate with the option of entering / exiting the cable / fibre elements from either side. The box could be placed as necessary in respective etages where the needed number of optical fibres from backbone path is terminated.




Wall mounted fibre optical box is designed for the placement of up to 24,72 and 144 optical connectors outdoors. Optical cables can be lead in/out from the top or from the bottom. The adapter plate is suitable for SC simplex or LC adapters and splice trays are removable and suitable for field operation and maintenance of up to 12 splices (heat shrink or crimp).

  • Maximum capacity of 24/72/144 LC/SC connectors
  • Include splice 4/12/24 splices using KM1 tray
  • Capacity of 12/24/72 LC/UPC duplex
  • Placement of optical fibre reserve
  • Ranging rings
  • Lockable single door
  • Dimensions:
  • ODB 1:- 400 x 285 x 80.7 mm
  • ODB 2:- 600 x 350 x 192.2 mm
  • ODB 3:- 600 x 450 x 192.6 mm