Pigtail FC, SC,LC & APC Singlemode

Singlemode Pigtails OS 09/125um OS1/2 G657A Pigtail 1.5m.

Traceable test paper with each unit.

 suitable for fusion splicing or mechanical splices .

Multi-Colour SC Pigtail set

Pigtail set 12 x SC/UPC SM 9/125, G657A, 0.9mm, multi colour set, 1m easy strip.

These Singlemode 12 fibre pigtails with G657A / 900 micron buffer are ready for splicing. Each fibre strand in the kit has a colour-coded buffer for easy identification and the colours are industry standard. In this 12-pack,  Each cable comes with test results.


SC Pigtail Set

Pigtail set 10 x SC/UPC SM 9/125, G657A, 0.9mm, set, 2m easy strip.

These Singlemode 10 fibre pigtails with G657A / 900 micron buffer are ready for splicing. Each fibre strand in the kit has a yellow buffer for easy identification. In this 10-pack,  Each pack / cable comes with test results

Pigtail OM3 Multi-mode

 50/125um OM3 Multi-mode Pigtail  1.5m

Pigtail OM4 Multi-mode

Ribbon Fan-out Patch cord

Ribbon fan-out patch cord provide a stable and reliable connection for single mode fibre.
Satsearch provide wide degree flexibility on fibre pigtails, including single-mode, multimode and 10G 50/125um OM3, OM4 types, simplex fibre, duplex, 4 fibres, 6 fibres, 8 fibres, 12 fibres, 24 fibres, 48 fibres and so on. Our pigtails are available in different connectors like FC, SC, ST and LC. These fibre pigtails can be with fan-out kits and full compliant to Telcordia, EIA/TIA and IEC standards. Call for price.

Micro Type 1.3mm Splice Protectors

Micro Type Fibre Splice Protectors.

Sleeve dia 1.3mm for protecting splice when joining Loose Tube - Loose Tube fibre.

  • Heat shrinkable outer tube, hot melt fusion tube and stainless steel strength rod
  • Maintains optical properties of fibre
  • Provides strength and protection to optical fibre splices
  • Easy to use and install without damaging splice
  • Clear sleeve to allow visual location of splice prior to shrinking
  • Sealant protects splice 
  •  40mm clear sleeve x 1.3mm. Pack of 100 100pcs/bag