Yokogawa AQ1000 Handheld OTDR 1310/1550nm

This AQ1000 is specifically designed to increase the productivity of field personnel working on the installation and deployment of optical access networks such as Fibre To The Home (FTTH). Although it is positioned as an entry-level model, it still retains Yokogawa’s established standards of quality/reliability and features characteristics which are usually present in higher-level models, such as a high-quality capacitive multi-touch touchscreen and wireless connectivity. Delivery : To be confirmed (June 2017)

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New OptiConcepts OTDR (optical time domain reflectometer) Test Launch Cord, Single-mode; 1000 feet (305 meters) length.

Compact, portable test fiber with case - total unit weighs less than one pound; connectorized with your choice of standard connectors: FC, SC, ST, or LC. Angled connectors are available for an additional £3.00 fee per connector.

This OTDR launch cord (also known as a dead zone eliminator or pulse suppressor) provides a calibrated, span of optical fibre used to eliminate the dead zone of a fibre system that occurs when testing with an OTDR. It helps evaluate near-end connectors and anomalies in network fibre systems and is also useful as a reference fibre in general training and testing applications. Compatible with various test equipment models.  Our units are directly connectorized, not spliced with pigtails - this ensures one continuous fibre span.

This unit is covered by a one year limited warranty.

Custom units available, including 50um and 62.5um multimode.  For any questions or a quote request, contact us 

When ordering, please specify connector types needed.

TC-290 Advance SM+MM ODTR

TC-290 series optical time domain refractometer is a new generation of portable and intelligent measuring instrument designed by TUCSON-OPTIC. It adopts 5.8-inch colour touch screen, key/touch dual operation. The internal integration can help customers effectively solve the field test & maintenance. Intelligent power-saving management system makes the standby time as long as 20 hours. It can be used to test both SM fibre and MM fibre.

TC-290 series OTDR can test dual wavelengths, three wavelengths and four wavelengths: 1310nm/1550nm, 850nm/1300nm, 1310nm/1490nm/1550nm, 1310nm/1550nm/1625nm, 850nm/1300nm/1310nm/1550nm.

TC-290 series OTDR is mainly used to measure the length, loss and connection quality of all kinds optical fibre cables. It can also be widely used in engineering construction, line maintenance & testing, emergency repair, the development and production of optical fibre cables.

High Performance Test

-- 5.8-inch colour TFT LCD display -- Key/touch dual operation

-- Less than 0.8m event blind zone -- Test jumper fibre freely

-- Non-destructive test

-- Optical signal detection function (Effective protection of APD)

Convenient Operation

Multifunctional Test


-- Stable laser source -- Visual fault locator -- Optical power peter -- Optical loss test

-- Fault location

Easy Data Processing

-- English and Chinese input function -- Automatic data storage

-- Store the test result as SOR format -- Remote upgrade function

High Reliability

-- 20h super long standby

-- 1.5m-drop test

-- Waterproof and splash proof

-- Operating temperature: -10°C~50°C


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