Wireless Music - SONOS

Sonos is the first wireless, multi-room digital music system that lets you play digital music all over your house—and control it all from the palm of your hand. With a wireless Sonos® Controller in hand, you'll have plug-and-play access to millions of songs—from music services, Internet radio, your personal digital music collection, or all of the above.

And, with Sonos® ZonePlayers in the rooms of your choice, you can play the same song in different rooms, or different songs in different rooms. To start listening, just grab the full-color Controller and simply pick a room, pick a song and hit play

With a Sonos Digital Music System you can:
  • Wirelessly stream digital music and Internet radio, all over your house—in up to 32 rooms.
  • Control all your music in all your rooms from the palm of your hand with a 3.5" full-color LCD screen and scroll wheel.
  • Plug-and-play millions of songs from select music services—no ripping, downloading or PC required.
  • Liberate the digital music that's stored on your PC, Mac or Network Attached Storage box.
  • Play the same song in different rooms or different songs in different rooms
Wireless, handheld control.
With the Sonos Controller you can instantly access your entire music collection, Internet radio and music services, from the comfort of your living room couch or dining room chair. No more running to your PC to turn on, change or turn off your music. No need for pointing or line of sight. Use one Controller for your entire house or several for added convenience.
Wireless, multi-room music.
With Sonos you can wirelessly stream any song to any room—from the bedroom to the backyard. Just connect ZP80s to your home theater, stereo or any other amplified audio device and ZP100s and speakers everywhere else you want music. Now you'll have a multi-room digital music system that delivers superior audio all through the house—in up to 32 rooms.


A perfect pair.
When we set out to create speakers for the Sonos Digital Music System we had three things in mind—acoustics, aesthetics and size. The Sonos Loudspeaker delivers on all three. These high-performance bookshelf speakers provide great sound in a small space and they sure look great doing it.