Subscriber Distribution Box

Wall Mounted FTTH - Subscriber - Distribution Boxes - Indoor only.


Micos ORM 2 ( BB2 )Wall Mounted Optical Distribution Box

The ORM 2 is designed for the termination of 2 to 4 optical fibres in a customer terminal point or for interconnection of optical cables. It can be connected to a  PC, different peripheral equipment or to another equipment via optical patchcords. The distributor is designed for indoor wall mounting. Inputs and outputs can vary by used panels.

  • Capacity 4 optical connectors 
  • Connector holder SC simplex, SC duplex, ST, FC, E2000, LC 
  • Maximum capacity is 6 optical splices 
  • Direct fibre termination by a connector 
  • Easy assembly 
  • Wall-mounted 
  • Coverage degree IP 20 
  • Use for fibres G.652d, G.657


  • Inputs Micro duct ø 5 mm Micro duct ø 3 mm Optical cable maximum ø 5 mm
  • Outputs Adapters SC simplex, SC duplex, ST, FC, E2000, LC
  • Coverage degree IP 20 to EN 60529
  • Impact protection degree IK 04 to EN 50102
  • Colour Light grey RAL 7035
  • Material ABS
  • Dimensions 140 × 109 × 23 mm
  • Weight 0.1 kg

Micos ORM 1 Wall-mounted Optical Distribution Box

FTTH Subscriber Fibre Wall Box


1.FTTH Subscriber Fibre Box 

The wall outlet mini is used to terminate optical installation cables to pigtails at subscribers premises. It is mounted on the wall. Will fit to a standard UK single gang back box. The cable is fed to the wall outlet from top side, bottom side or from the back. The wall outlet consists of body, splice cassette and cover. The body is fixed to the wall with screws and is used for entrance and routing of the optical installation cable and mounting of optical adapters (1-2 pcs).

The purpose of the splice cassette is to take excess lengths of optical cables and to fix splice protectors (1-2 pcs). Heat-shrink splice protectors or coldsplice protectors (mechanical splices) can be fixed easily on the splice cassette. A cover protects the contents of the wall outlet and is fixed to the wall outlet without screws. Optionally a customer logo can be placed on the cover.

The construction of the wall outlet ensures a minimum bending radius for the pigtails of R= 20 mm. The wall outlet is made of White (RAL 9010) High Heat and High Impact Resistance Polystyrol (PS454C).


Figure 2 shows the cable entry point of the installation cable and routing of excess cable inside the splice cassette,

one heat-shrink splice protector and one cold-splice protector.

FTTH Optical Fibre Terminal Wall Box

FTTH model of Fibre Optic Terminal Box is a newly developed by our company for applications of FTTH. The box is light and compact, especially suitable for protecting connection of fibre cables and pigtails in FTTH. Not water proof.

Features of the box.

  • This box could be used for wall mounting and rack mounting applications.
  • The base abbd cover of the box adopts self-clip method, which is easy and convenient to open and close
  • Could be used for adaptors such as SC, FC, ect.
  • The max capacity is 4 fibres.


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Fibre Wall Outlet ( Krone)

Optical Fibre Subscriber Wallbox - 4 Fibre

Compact residential outlet for up to four fibers terminated with SC connectors. Hinged optical splice tray can house two Heat shrink fusion splices in isolation. Designed for cost effective optical network installations, primarily Fibre to the Home and Fibre to the desk applications. A screw fixing allows the installer to prevent any accidental access to the splice area.

  • Light but robust plastic construction
  • Fibre fully managed into back box and front splice tray
  • Accepts up to 8 fibres options
  • Easy to upgrade and add modules
  • Can be used for singlemode and multimode applications
  • Can accept loose tube, tight buffered or blown fibre

Wall Mounted / Aerial In line Splice Closure

Compact Splice / Splitter enclosure for G657 Fibres.

The Compact Splice / Splitter enclosure is designed to securely house optical splices in simplex fibres.

The versatile solution is effective for in line repairs to critical network cables or as planned element in the optical infrastructure.

Simple click together fixing enables the splice closure to be installed swiftly in the field without tools.

Four access ports are provided to make it possible to use the closure as a splitter housing for FTTx networks and where it is necessary to add a 1x2 splitter addition.

Mechanical splices can be deployed in the closure making low cost field repairs simple.


Compact Design, Tool-less access, IP68 Sealing, Kevlar Strain Relief, Splitter Housing &4 Ports Access.


Optical Networks, FTTx, In-line repairs & Splitter Housing

Dimensions 150mm W x 55mm H x 27mm D



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Internal Splice Enclosure

Wide range of moulded enclosures supplied.

·          Supply with glands fitted at either end.

·          IK9 impact resistance.

·          Integral mounting grids and integral sealing gasket.

·          Back mounting plate available.

·          Compliant with IEC670.

·          Hinged lid available on the larger enclosures

·          (300 x 220 x 120 and 300 x 300 x 120).

·          RAL7035 grey.

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PVC Shrouded Box

Frame & Angled Shuttered Data Port kits. Accepts CAT5e & CAT6 Jacks, "F" Connectors and FC Fibre.

Floor Box

This stylish cable or fibre distribution box is suitable for floor level, sub-floor or even desktop use. The main body of this unit is constructed from tough, extruded aluminium for maximum strength and durability. The ABS plastic end caps will accept industry standard, 25mm cable glands that can be presented at either end or both ends. Sliding label system provides clear and positivebox identification.

  • Will accept 8 standard HT Data 50x25 modules or 4 HT Data triple modules, providing a total of 12 Cat 5E or Cat 6 outlets.
  • 3 x 25mm Knockouts for cable glands in each of the plastic end caps.
  • Can be used as an under floor box or, because of its ergonomic shape, is equally at home on or under the desk.
  • Strong extruded aluminium body.
  • Slide-in clamps enable the box to be screwed securely to the floor or desk.

Backing Box 32 mm

Back box for Fibre Wall Box