Optical Taps

Fibre optic Taps work like a splitter but give you a unequal Splitter(tap). Remember the old MATV days, tree and star distribution.


Two way unequal splitter (Tap)

FBT Coupler Tap / Splitters are widely accepted and used in passive optical networks, especially for instances where the split configuration is smaller (1×2, 1×4, etc.). FBT is the traditional technology in which two fibres are placed closely together, typically twisted around each other and fused together by applying heat while the assembly is being elongated and tapered. Satsearch supply high quality FBT splitters, single mode couplers with single/double/three windows with competitive price to make your optical network system cost effective. Wide bandwidth 1260um - 1590um

Use:- Tree and star distribution

Any of the Coupling Ratio can be ordered, we stock some of the ratio's but others will take 10-14 days to supply.