Mechanical Splice units


EastFit Mechanical Splices

We no longer sell this product. We have found that his is not a satisfactory way to repair fibre cables.


Easy and simple - Fibre Splices

The EasyFit Mechanical Splice is a quick and simple solution for splicing multimode and single-mode fibres. No adhesive is required, the fibres are retained using a unique sliding clamp mechanism. The EasyFit Mechanical splice uses a V-Groove fibre alignment method that will centres the core of the 125um fibres, providing very accurate alignment. The Average “blind” splice loss for the EasyFit Mechanical Splice is 0.2 dB with a maximum loss of 0.3dB A single (One fits all) mechanical splice is suitable for

  • 250/250 µm,
  • 250/900 µm
  • 900/900 µm

The EasyFit Mechanical Splice requires minimal training and few accessories to assemble. The assembly process requires the fibres to be stripped and cleaved to 14mm, inserting the fibres into the EasyFit Splice until they touch. Pushing the two mechanical splice clamps together results in the fibres being restrained in the Mechanical splice. We do offer a compact tool kit, but the big advantage of the EasyFit products is that NO proprietary tooling is required so standard fibre preparation tools can be used. Completed splices fit into the FTTX splice trays as well as industry-standard splice trays. T with these Splice unit are used on our Training Courses with <0.5 db results.


  • Single-mode and multimode fibers
  • High performance <0.2dB insertion loss
  • Minimum tooling requirements
  • Installer Training is especially Simple
  • FTTx,Metro and Enterprise networks
  • No epoxy or electricity required
  • 250µm or 900µm fibers
  • 30 second installation time after fibre preparation
  • No Jig required