Cable Rod Kits & Accessory's


Cable Pulling Sock

  • Material - high tensile galvanised steel wire
  • Larger sizes and special Triplex cable stockings are also available
  • The stocking (sock) is connected at the end of the cable and can be used for cable pulling or supporting
  • Also available in stainless steel wire or Kevlar
  • Ideal method for supporting cables prior to cleating
  • When installing cables, cable stockings (socks) are an invaluable piece of equipment and should always be used
  • Can be used for pulling through ducting too
  • Re-usable tool
  • Usually used to pull medium to heavy cabling
  • The double-eye design allows the cable you're pulling to be passed through the stocking so that the pull can be made at a variety of points down the cable.
  • Break Tonne 0.75
  • Cable size 6mm- 13mm


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Cable Rod Kit (Handy Set)


Handy Set - Four 500mm rods plus a 330mm Flexi-lead give you over two metres of reach and all four flexibilities. The three most frequently used attachments are included and remember that all the attachments from your main set can also be used. In restricted areas where full length rods are too unwieldy, or when predominantly routing short runs of cable you need the half-size Handy Set.

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"Super Rod" Standard Set

Standard Set - This set is designed for professional installers who want a no-nonsense tool. It is capable of overcoming most day-to-day cable laying problems, particularly in smaller domestic and commercial installations. The Classic Standard Set contains the four must-have cable handling attachments and five metres of rod in two flexibilities. It is an inexpensive introduction to the benefits of Cable Rod.

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Cable Rod Beam Torch

Super Beam - A super smart little torch with a powerful white LED beam that automatically lights up when you screw it onto a rod. Inspect cable routes, track and guide rods to target, identify distant objects, cable markers and obstructions. Just 12mm in diameter means small access so even if you have to drill a dedicated hole to illuminate your work area it’s no big deal to make good.

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Super Grip 6 to 10mm

Super Grip 6 to 10mm - Just slip one on and pull! The harder you pull the tighter it grips. Super Grips are based on ancient Chinese finger traps and offer the fastest and cleanest method of attaching and handling cable. Available singly, in pairs, triple packs or the full set of five.
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Super Rod have developed a solution for installing aerial cables, saving time and reducing ladder work. The X2 has been designed to traverse the more uneven surfaces such as roof ridge tiles etc.

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Super Rod Accessory Tube

Super Rod CRAT Accessory Tube - A selection of ingenious Cable Rod attachments. Includes a 150mm flexi lead, an incredibly strong magnet, a mini eye, mini hook, gender changer, domed bullet and flat bullet. A great value pack. Attachments are available separately.

Full Contents:

1 x Flat Bullet,
1 x Gender Changer,
1 x Single Magnet,
1 x Mini Eye and Ring,
1 x Flexi Lead,
1 x Mini Hook
1 x Chain
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Cable Rod Magnet & Compass Set

For easy Rod end location and tracing. With the rod inside a wall or partition, the compass will immediately locate the rod-end magnet so you know exactly where the end is, even though you can't see it. Ideal for working blind in stud walls or over solid ceilings. Full instructions included.