Heat Shrink Kit 100

This heat shrink tubing is one versatile product, not only does it provide your cables with protection against abrasion, chemical and weather, its also great for bundling, colour-coding and strain relief. Insulating your cables with heat shrink tubing will give your project great results. It is suitable for an array of applications and is supplied in cut pieces.

Contains 77 pieces of cut to length heat shrink.

  • Colours: Black, Red, Blue, Yellow & White
  • Sizes: From 2.4/1.2mm up to 19.0/9.5mm
  • Lengths: 200mm and 70mm

Splice Protectors

Buy 4 and get 1 free
Splice protectors are designed to maintain the strength & environmental stability of optical fibre cables after fusion splicing.
  • Heat shrinkable outer tube, hot melt fusion tube and stainless steel strength rod
  • Maintains optical properties of fibre
  • Provides strength and protection to optical fibre splices
  • Easy to use and install without damaging splice
  • Clear sleeve to allow visual location of splice prior to shrinking
  • Sealant protects splice 
  • 23mm, 45mm & 60mm clear sleeve. Pack of 100
  •  The colour set includes the colours designated in IEC 60304; Blue, orange, green,
    brown, Grey, White, Red, Black, Yellow, Violet, Rose and Aqua. 12 individual splices in a single bag.
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Fusion 6 Way Splice Holders

Splice holder for a maximum of six splice protectors, accepts both 45 & 61mm versions shown separately.
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12/24 Way Splice Holders

Accepts both 45 and 61mm splice protectors.

Splice Ring