Home Networks


A variety of network solutions can be installed to enhance your home.

Ingle cable solutions which eliminate the need to install traditional coax and BT cabling, allowing TV, data, telephone, SKY, Freeview, CCTV to be transmitted down a single high capacity cable with tremendous flexibility in terms of locating your equipment. This solution is a must in family homes where lots of flexibility is now required to accommodate the modern family.

Alternatively in smaller dwellings a lower capacity cable can often meet modern demands, but deliver similar benefits at a lower cost.

Wireless technology and networks are a great convenience and a great complimentary addition to the wired home. Our installed networks overcome common problems associated wireless networks and their fragile nature. We guarantee the ability to maximise their use.

Home Networks are now the modern vehicle to achieve so many things:

  • Distribution of all TV signals around the home including terrestrial and freeview
  • Systems are designed to distribute digital TV such as SKY to all rooms
  • Other devices including DVD, VCRs, Freeview boxes can be distributed over the network
  • Systems have the ability to control centralised audio/visual devices from any room.
  • Fast, reliable internet can be directed to all rooms for all the family to use simultaneously
  • Often, every room has access to all entertainment and communication signals therefore any room can be used for a variety of purposes and changed at a moments notice.
There are several types of Home Networks. From a simple distribution system that provides terrestrial TV reception to two or more TV’s, to a system that also permits multi-room viewing and control of SKY, Freeview, DVD, CCTV as well as terrestrial TV reception.

Our engineers are fully conversant with the equipment and discrete installation techniques that enhance your viewing options.