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Getting you connected wherever you need it, whenever you want it…

The Anywhere Internet service connects your computer to the internet via a high-speed connection with the new Ka Sat Anywhere Internet Satellite. Wherever you’re located Anywhere Internet offers you up to 22 Mbps download, 6 Mbps upload. You can also hire or rent, short or long term,  disaster recovery.

Special offer during July 2017 £50 off Satellite Kit (outright purchase only).

Satellite broadband anywhere!

Anywhere Internet is up to 320 times faster than dial-up, and 35 times faster than many fixed line broadband (ADSL) connections. A single satellite mini-dish and a modem are all you need.

With Anywhere Internet services, you’ll also get a proper UK IP address giving you access to UK websites and content. If you need them for business applications there are Anywhere Internet tariffs which provide Static IP addresses too.

Whether you’re relaxing at home, shopping on-line, need the internet to work from home, or run your home business Anywhere internet can get you connected. Contact us now to learn more.

There is a range of tariffs to suit every need and every budget. If you need friendly free advice on the right one for you contact us now



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Hire Satellite Broadband for your Events.

We can provide a specially tailored service which allows you to hire our Satellite Internet equipment for short-term or long-term events. Festivals, exhibitions, road shows, corporate events, film crews on the move, disaster recovery: all can benefit from our Satellite Broadband service. 

Tooway Satellite broadband hits 22Mbps


By Stewart Mitchell

Posted on 30 Jan 2013 at 12:09

Satellite broadband provider Eutelsat has revamped its consumer packages and increased download speeds to 22 Mbits/sec.

The speed increase – which includes a 6 Mbps uplink – puts satellite on the front foot compared to the fastest ADSL connections, but the biggest change for end users comes from more relaxed limits on how much data can be downloaded.

Under previous satellite packages, many providers throttled traffic – even within pre-defined data caps - once set milestones had been reached throughout the month.

According to Eutelsat, its Tooway 22 Mbits/sec packages reflect customer frustration over tight and confusing data caps, with 10GB, 20GB 30GB and unlimited allowances offered at prices between £30 and £99 per month.

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