Fibre Systems

 Update:- 7th Dec 2019

NEW FTTH Solutions

Satsearch provide a complete end to end range of Fibre to the Home (FTTH) solutions, delivering signals over fibre from the Dish Headend to the customers termination points. Thinking of the future. The Cost effective solution.

Network Solution. Affordable Fibre Optic Distribution.


The new TOF range from TRIAX has been developed specifically for the UK market, based on the new Wideband technology used by SKY in the UK, and complements their existing range of TdSCR multiswitches.

This range will enable the design and installation of medium to large Fibre Satellite TV distribution systems, providing excellent quality across all transponders. Multiple converter options are also available from single to multiple satellite positions, and for legacy or DCSS/dSCR enabled receivers.

▪ Standard Satellite IF Wideband (290-2340MHz)‬

▪ Ability to split the input signal to feed multiple transmitters‬

‪▪ All bands are separated optically that improves the quality, and makes the signals easier to manage‬

‪▪ Simple upgrade to 2 Satellite positions‬

‪▪ Multiple converter options‬

‪▪ Signal can be distributed in Wideband or Quattro


Satsearch are able to supply Fibre Splitters, WDM and fibre patch leads to work on these systems, (call for details).


New Fibre Optic Termination Box.

OTB-036 is a fibre optic terminal box that is suitable for optical fibre splicing, distribution and protection. It is designed for fibre arrangement of splice trays, splitters and connectors.


Fibre Optic Relocation & Repair Service.

Fibre optic cable can be relocated as infrastructure changes take place. We can also offer fibre optic repair service should cables get damaged. In addition to this, we can inspect, clean and test optical cable systems.

Fusion Splicer Hire now available from £ 50.00 per day or £200 per week.

New Low price on all PLC Mini Splitters. 16 Way from  only £43.01 

        Senter Smart FTTx Core Alignment Fusion Splicer.


                                  With a hard case, Cleaver and tool kit, only £1250 +vat

Phone for Demo and details.


  Small, lightweight,, long battery life, 4 motors accurate core alignment 250 times magnification of fibre cores,7s fast splicing, 26s intelligent heating,More than 4000 times electrodes discharging 4400mAh Li-battery, 220 cycles splicing and heating. Ideal for the Service engineer.


New product line from ELOIK. 

                   We now keep in stock a range of LC & LC/APC fibre splitters.

                                       See the splitters from the side menu.



PC and APC connectors - are they exchangeable? Optical connectors are available in two versions, UPC and APC. UPC means Ultra Physical Contact, APC is the short for Angled Physical Contact. The difference consists in the polishing of the fibre end face. The end face in a UPC connector is flat, in an APC it is polished at an angle of 8 degrees. The fibre end faces polished at that angle prevent reflection of light from the interface between them, ensuring very low back reflection.

The selection of the suitable connector is easier thanks to different colours of the UPC and APC versions.

There are several reasons why UPC and APC connectors should not be mixed :

  • much greater attenuation of such connection - when the flat ferrule contacts the angled ferrule they are not adjacent to each other over the entire surface - the free space (air) critically affects the level of the transmitted signal,
  • risk of contamination - the above-mentioned free space is a potential place for accumulation of dust,
  • risk of damage to the connector - when the angled ferrule touches the flat end face of the (U)PC ferrule there is the risk of scratching the flat face; the problem is particularly important in the case of any connecting/disconnecting operations.



One Click Cleaning Pen. only £24.99 limited stock.



Satsearch market is primarily service and installation for the data, Telecom, CCTV and Satellite Tv industries. As Satellite moves into a new era with fibre optics we have put together some high quality products at completive prices , some of the products you will require to be able to install, service and fault find.


Since 1985 we have helped solve the 3 I's (Interconnection, Interface and Installation) of signal management in the Broadcast and Communication industries and have grown consistently to become the engineer's acknowledged service leader across those sectors.

We provide a punctual and reliable service and can install and repair any kind of television aerial and Satellite System. Our professional team are committed to providing the highest standards of workmanship. 

Satsearch is a well-established business with many years of experience in the TV / Video, satellite & data industry. Our company has a great reputation for affordable and reliable services.

A lot of our work comes through recommendations and we pride ourselves on our high quality of work.

Some of our services include:
- Fibre, Satellite, DDT, DAB & IRS
- Digital Television, DAB aerial installing 
- Home Network Systems (Video & Audio over CAT5), Fibre

- Satellite and Digital TV Communal aerial Systems
- Satellite Internet services

And many .more

You can contact Satsearch today on 01252 560832 Our services are available all across Surrey, Hampshire and most of the South of England. If you have a problem just give us a ring.